We’re trying to be serious stuff

HTWB-crappy-vacationSome selected articles and guides are genuinely dangerous things to do and would be a nut case to attempt.

Some of the guides are written in a聽light-hearted fashion and you should not under estimate the risks in taking part in such adventures.

In some cases the chances of you getting hurt or even kicking the bucket are very high and the chances of you losing an arm or an eye etc. could be on the cards or even worse.

Although some of the adventures listed may make your backside pulsate with fear we would like to ensure that you are aware that if you take part in nutty adventures listed then you should do so at your own peril and you really are putting both your health and life at risk.

But that’s the whole bloody point 馃槈

All of our guides on Travazzle are for your own enjoyment and hope to inspire you to get out there and kick some ass before skidding in to your coffin with a beer in one hand screaming “yeah baby!”

Joe & Max!