People’s Barber Shop

Looking for somewhere a little different to visit and happen to need a haircut or beard trim at the same time? Well you’re in luck as we definitely have the place for you! Situated on Polk Street, not far from the entrance to Bush street is this intriguing yet wonderfully charming good old-fashioned barber shop! Well what’s so different I hear you say? Let’s just start by telling you what’s on offer in this great hidden treasure…

Quick Info:

Address: 1259 Polk St, San Francisco, CA, 94109

Phone: +1 415-292-4099

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 10am to 8pm, Weekends 10am to 7pm (Excluding Holidays)

Firstly this is a real traditional little gem. You may think the days are gone where barber shops used to be a regular haunt and hang out for local folk, where they would get together and socialise, maybe play a game of chess or two, but those days are not quite over. The People’s Barber and Shop are doing their very best to bring those good old days back to life, and we think they have done this extremely well. The barbers here love what they do, are expertly trained, and offer that luxury barber experience at wholly reasonable prices for what you get. From traditional straight razor shaves to quality haircuts, mustache waxes or even a full hot towel treatment you will find all your hair tidying needs under one roof.

With experiences ranging from $15 for a beard trim to a full ‘service’ for $70 you are sure to get fantastic value for money on whatever you choose, meaning smiles and happy wallets all round. Considering the level of skill and expertise required (and a very steady hand!) to complete that little bit of man pampering, this is an excellent place to take advantage of and shouldn’t be missed.

So what else has the marvelous place got to offer to separate them from the crowd? Well, if none of the above has persuaded you to visit then my last piece of insider information might just swing it for you.  If you decide to take a visit here and go for their traditional $38 hair cut, there’s only one word to describe why this is truly a unique experience… Beer. Beer you say? Yes, a free beer (or beverage of choice) while you have your hair cut! Cool huh!? This surely makes the People’s Barber and Shop top of your to do list!

As you can imagine they do get very busy so appointments are recommended to ensure you’re getting the very best experience!